Chapter Leadership

Zachary Thomas


As President, I preside over our chapter, appoint committees, serve on committees, and attend all meetings.The success of the organization depends on my

attitude and skill. I will need to be pleasant, firm, impartial, considerate, and a true friend to every member.

Ashlyn Dealey

Vice President / Treasurer

As Vice President / Treasurer, I will take the place of the President in their absence. I will keep a record of receipts, disbursements, and the financial status of our chapter.

Dale Gearhart


As Secretary, I keep a record of the meetings, notify members of upcoming meetings on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and our FCCLA Website.

Miracle Kenkel & Daniela Corona

Historian / Reporter

As Historian / Reporter, we will compile a manual and keep an accurate history of our chapter. Our community will be kept informed of activities in our chapter

through various newspaper articles. we will also promote and publicize our FCCLA chapter in our community and school. We will make posters for meetings, update our display board, and help with our various FCCLA projects.

Maira Gaona

District 6 Chapter Representative

As District 6 Chapter Representative, I will post the colors at the beginning of our District Leadership Conference and will also attend meetings that are required

for this position.

Zachary Thomas

State Peer Officer Team (Career) Public Relations

As Public Relations Director on the State Peer Officer Team, I will create special editions for the Red Leader, publicize activities of the team, write press releases

for the Peer Education Retreat, and post on Nebraska FCCLA social media accounts.