Program of Work 2018-19


See What's Poppin' with FCCLA


1) Recruit more members than last year

2) More member involvement in activities, STAR, and Power of One

3) Increase number of members that attend monthly meetings

Meeting Activities

Each month we will have a different member in charge of the ice breaker activities.

We invited the Nebraska State FCCLA President to our November meeting.

In December, we had a Christmas party after the meeting.

We held a drawing that was connected to the online sign-form. The form was connected to a spinner and a name was randomly chosen.


RADA Cutlery

Eileen's Cookie Dough

Football Concessions

National Program Activities

Career Connection: All students in FACS classes will investigate a career

FACTS- Families Acting for Community Traffic Safety: Seatbelt check at our school

Families First: All students in Child Development classes will help teach several lessons to the preschool every other week

Community Service

Scrapbook Retreat to raise money for the American Cancer Society

PINK OUT to raise money for the American Cancer Society

Foster Care Packages for children in foster care

Safety assembly to teach elementary students about safety

Student Body: Taught elementary students the importance of eating vegetables

District and State Meetings

Fall Leadership Workshop

District 6 Leadership Conference

Peer Ed Retreat

State Leadership Conference